I am a storyteller.
No matter what I choose to work with, I always have a desire to tell a story.
I work with photography, film, text and sound. Working with sound is something I am passionate about, which is why I graduated in personal storytelling (radio) at The Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts, in 2012. Together but my friend Kiljan I have a podcast called Yrket (www.yrket.org). Yrket is a podcast about work, in each episode we get to know a new individual who shares his/ her lifestory.                                                               

I have also made a radio documentary called Ickmedborgarna (2014) together with my cousin Isabel Sommerfeld. It tells the story of the events that took place in Poland in the late 60th century, about the student revolt and the cleansing of Polish Jews. It is a personal story, the documentary conveyed the image of a forgotten chapter in modern European history, about anti-Semitism and racism effects. (https://www.magasinetparagraf.se/podcast/44982-ickemedborgarna/)

Still photography has played a central role in my life, the pictures were an introduction into the world of art.I have worked a lot with staged photography in my artistic work


In 2008 I founded a nonprofit art space based in Telefonplan, Stockholm, together with two other artists; Lovisa Henoch and Mikaela Krestesen. ROPA had a feminist agenda and arranged exhibitions, talks, happenings and festivals.